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We're Neil, Jenna, and Moxie. 

Simply put...

We created 4WAY SOLAR to power our dream.

We have been full time RVers for 3 years now, there is no better way to live a simple life and see extraordinary places.  When it came time to install a solar system, we were surprised to find that we could not find a single mounting system that would allow for four directional tilting.  So we built our own!  With the same minimalist spirit that attracted us to RV life, we kept it as simple and versatile as possible.  It wasn't long before we realized just how valuable the 4 way tilting mechanism was.  We could park in nearly any orientation and still benefit from the 30-50% efficiency gain that tilting can provide!  It was then that we decided we couldn't keep this design to ourselves, and 4WAYSOLAR was born.

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