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  • Why do I need to tilt in 4 directions?
    When choosing a parking spot for your rig, a key consideration is orienting your tilting axis to the South. With our 4 WAY SOLAR tilting kits, you can tilt in 4 different directions allowing you more freedom to park at whatever campsite you choose.
  • How long does it take to install?
    With the proper tools, it should take around an hour to install this system per panel.
  • What's included in the mounting system?
    The mounting kit includes all brackets & hardware to get your panel tilting in 4 directions.
  • How long does it take to tilt the system?
    Once you get used to the process it should take you around 2-3 minutes per panel to insert the stilts.
  • Can I use this on mulitple panels like in the video?
    Short answer is yes. If you properly secure your panels in sets, you can use one tilting kit on a set of panels. See our youtube channel for more information on this.
  • Does the tilting kit include a solar panel?
    No, but the kit is compatiable with most rigid frame solar panels.
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